Like the Strong, Fast Growing Plant, Women Spring Boldy from a Network of Roots

Jeanette JOY Fisher
Consider how strong women working together become when they’re united in a cause. This home was created by women working together to help me with a flip after my husband died. It felt like we were standing tall and single while getting nourishment from our shared loving support. Kim Schaffer tacked this room, the worst mess in the house, and turned it into a wonderful space. She hung the ceiling, created the wall of faux bricks and the plaster and painted the entire room including the floor!



growing thick,
standing single~
Put all your roots together and all is well…


Sengai Gibon (1750-1837), admired for his prolific Zen artistic works of ink paintings, lighthearted sumi-e paintings, and calligraphy, was a Japanese monk of the Rinzai  Zen Buddhism school. He taught modesty, and simplicity, yet was was also one of the most illustrious artists Japan has ever produced, known throughout the world. 

“My play with brush and ink is not calligraphy nor painting; yet unknowing people mistakenly think: this is calligraphy, this is painting.” — Sengai Gibon