Bamboo percolates for years under hard-packed dirt before giving birth to a tender green shoot which soars 6 feet in 60 days. Bamboo Women tenderly help others develop a flourishing presence so they may soar to unlimited heights.

Have you ever had a spark of imagination and shared your idea with someone who dashed your dreams?
• “That will never work!’
• “That costs too much money to get started.”
• “Yeah, maybe someday when I don’t have kids to take care of.”

Bamboo Women make a commitment to support each other’s dreams and ideas.  Just like the tender green grass shoots sent up by the bamboo plant, we cherish our dreams and know that all successful women followed their dreams.

Author speaker publisher Jeanette JOY Fisher

Jeanette JOY Fisher

Jeanette JOY Fisher dreamed about the inspiration for Bamboo Women in March 2007. Recently widowed, Jeanette felt that her life was over. Fresh inspiration from the author of The House that Faux Built and artist Adrienne van Dooren helped Jeanette realize she could send forth little green shoots. Adrienne encouraged Jeanette to write another book and put life back into Jeanette’s TLC TV show Flip That House.

Fisher presents free webinars, reports, and is writing a magazine and book series sharing stories about Bamboo Women. An expert on flipping houses and building businesses from scratch on a dime, she helps entrepreneurs manifest peerless and precious dreams.

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